For all your marine parts and marine supplies needs, Deko Marine Export offers our customers a wide range of services such as, sales of marine parts and supplies, shipping services, import services, custom services, freight services, US to Mexico import, US to Mexico freight, export services, import documentation, fast shipping , special orders services, marine exports, support to marine businesses in Mexico and more.

Deko Marine Export products: marine electronics, marine accessories, marine parts, outboard parts, inboard parts, marine paints & varnish, marine hardware, fishing gear, fishing chairs, marine generators, marine engines, marine lighting, sailing supply, sailboat hardware, zinc anodes, plumbing, marine gauges, gps, radars, a/c units, radios, marine chargers, marine inverters, electrical products.

Deko Marine Export services:

  • Marine Parts
  • Marine Supplies
  • Yacht Chandlery
  • Yacht Parts
  • Shipping Services
  • Custom Services
  • Freight Services
  • Export Services
  • US to Mexico import
  • US to Mexico freight
  • Import Documentation

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Mexican Pacific and More

Services Overview

At Deko Marine Export we specialize in providing delivery of marine parts, supplies and yacht chandlery service to any place in Mexico, with most shipments taking only two to three days to be delivered.

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